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Integration and testing

CHAMPALLE offers its expertise in the assembly and testing of electro-mechanical units and sub-units.

Accustomed to the EC standards that apply to the assembly of cabinets and consoles, CHAMPALLE also uses its expertise to build electrical units for explosive environments in accordance with the EXAT, NEC500, CSA and IECEx standards. Through their understanding of production processes, CHAMPALLE teams are also qualified to provide support for on-site installations. Dedicated measuring devices and simulators are being developed to perform equipment tests at the production site during FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing).

CHAMPALLE carries out mechanical and hydraulic assemblies for the full range of functions it delivers and for the machines manufactured. CHAMPALLE has an array of tests to verify all operating modes, which it can perform ad-hoc depending on the requirements of a particular project. CHAMPALLE can therefore perform a series of trials and tests during FAT prior to delivery. Technicians are also available to assist with on-site installation and commissioning, thereby providing expert support during factory integration.

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