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Information and communication safety control systems

CHAMPALLE can draw on 40 years of exceptional experience in the design, assembly and commissioning of safety control systems for Oil and Gas in explosive environments.

Incorporating strict safety requirements in the design phase (SIL3, V cycle development), using explosion test standards (EN, CSA, UL, ATEX, IECEX…) and with in-house testing capability, CHAMPALLE can provide control command cabinets, desks or boxes of the highest safety standards and quality on the market.


Specifically, RCCM-E Standards are applied to the nuclear industry

The I&C department uses AUTOCAD and SEE ELECTRICAL software for electrical design, programmes all types of safety PLC available on the market (Siemens FH400, ControlLogix, GuardLogix for Rockwell, Tricon by Triconnex, HIMA…), programmes supervision on all systems (WinCC, Rs Logix, PC View, LabView…). Assembly and bench-testing are included in our services.

CHAMPALLE is able to come on-site quickly to commission, maintain and repair its systems and train users. Its experts are trained and familiar with electrical and chemical risks and the prevention of risks of explosion.

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