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CHAMPALLE, closely integrated within the industrial fabric of its region, also adopts a partnership approach to its innovation.



An active member of the Burgundy Nuclear Cluster, Champalle has the ambition to contribute to the positive development of the national nuclear sector.

Via MECABOURG, CHAMPALLE uses a local industrial network to enhance its products and services with the benefits of responsiveness and complementary expertise.

With the support of the PIGES association, CHAMPALLE also plays a role in future developments by taking part in innovative projects working on large-scale scientific infrastructure.


Research and development

Through its experience in the field of energy, CHAMPALLE has naturally taken on a proactive approach in the field of innovation for the energies of tomorrow.

By taking part in the development of new power stations using solar energy, CHAMPALLE is also an active player at the TENERRDIS competitiveness centre, whose activities focus on renewable energy.