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Design & engineering

CHAMPALLE’s Mechanical and Electrical Systems/Control Systems Departments are fully integrated, thereby creating an effective and innovative partnership.

CHAMPALLE is able to meet global design requirements when creating an intelligent electro-mechanical system, while also fulfilling the particular needs of specific fields. Through its integrated understanding of these two different activities, CHAMPALLE is able to provide a special vision and a pragmatic understanding of the overall constraints affecting projects.

Regarding Mechanical Systems, the Design & Engineering Department is able to take into account the project-specific constraints imposed by industrial standards and regulations. A particular expertise has been developed for special machinery used in the nuclear industry (RCCM, ASME), for cryogenics (ASME) and in explosive environments (ATEX).

The Design & Engineering Department possesses a varied software platform enabling it to interface with any type of project (SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDEDGE, CATIA V5, AUTOCAD, ProEngineer).

In addition to European and NEC electrical standards, the Electrical and Control Systems Design & Engineering Department is accustomed to working with specifications for explosive environments, according to all the usual global standards (EXAT, NEC500, IECEx, CSA).

The programs are developed using V-models and include on request SIL specifications (Safety, Integrated Level). We engineer our developments using all types of PLC: SIEMENS, ROCKWELL, TRICONNEX, NATIONAL Instruments, SCHNEIDER.

The IT platform enables us to design and construct a variety of control system developments with Autocad , SEE Electrical and Autocad Electrical for electrical diagrams and installation, STEP7, RSLogix mainly for the PLCs, and WinCC, Labview, C++, etc. for the supervision systems.

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