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Oil and gas

CHAMPALLE produces valves and hydraulic power driven connection systems for transfer installations and loading arms for liquefied natural gas (LNG).

CHAMPALLE supplies this equipment to system integrator clients operating in the petrochemical sector on projects that are international in scope.

In partnership with its clients, CHAMPALLE has developed its expertise as a designer of systems for cryogenics. CHAMPALLE has a human-scale Design & Engineering Department that is both flexible and responsive. We develop skills for verifying the behaviour of materials by finite element analysis. Our design efforts focus on reliability, safety, ease of maintenance and the competitive costs of manufacture and operation.

CHAMPALLE also has a Control Systems Department mainly dedicated to Oil and Gas, but with extensive experience of Atex (explosive atmospheres).

Based on straightforward functional specifications, CHAMPALLE has all the necessary skills and resources to design, programme, build and commission complete Control Systems with supervision mode. These systems control both onshore and offshore installations.

Transfer of gasTransfer of LNGTransfer of Liquefied Natural gas