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CHAMPALLE manufactures valves and motorised connection systems for liquid and gas transfer systems and cryogenic applications, including dangerous and corrosive fluids.

CHAMPALLE supplies equipment directly to its integrator customers for use in the chemical, petrochemical, food and nuclear energy industries and in the realisation of projects of international scope.

In addition to its full range of standardised products, CHAMPALLE, in partnership with its customers, has acquired solid experience in the design of custom-engineered systems. Reliability, safety, ease of maintenance and competitive manufacturing and operating costs have been the core principles that have driven its approach to design for many years.

These characteristics, associated with compliance with even the most stringent regulatory criteria and the use of superior quality components and materials and expertise in the machining of high-performance alloy steels and stainless steels, allow it to offer its customers very high quality products at attractive prices.

CHAMPALLE has a team of qualified engineers working together to develop new transfer systems and continues to develop skills in the predictive study of system behaviours and wear resistance.

CHAMPALLE also prides itself on its responsive after-sales service department for interventions on an international scale. Highly experienced engineers and technicians provide on-site equipment servicing and maintenance operations; these field operators possess the knowledge required to work with PLCs and hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical equipment.

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